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All-electric home lifts

It’s time to wave goodbye to inefficient hydraulic lifts 👋 And say hello to superior all-electric home lifts 🌱

Eltec lifts run on an efficient single phase 10-amp power supply and boast an impressive A-Grade European Energy Rating. Inferior hydraulic technology requires a multi-phase setup which demands up to 40amps.

Each lift is fitted with an advanced VVVF all-electric traction system, which means whisper quiet products that don’t require a noisy motor room like their hydraulic counterparts.

Made in Italy

Italian design and craftmanship culminate to create a truly sophisticate range. Function and form are at the heart of each design, resulting is an unrivalled lift experience. Eltec designs takes the latest inspiration from Italy and are then tailored to local audiences.

Innovative Products

Innovation is in Eltec’s DNA, every lift has been developed with the customer in mind, solving specific pain points for homeowners, architects, and builders alike.

Eltec’s all-electric technology is at the forefront of residential lift technology and overcomes many of the setbacks associated with lesser hydraulic technology.

The Eltec range also includes innovative lift shaft solutions in the AU Shaft and TA Freestanding products.

Highly Customisable

The Eltec HLB and HLG models can be altered to fit a wide variety of spaces, making them ideal for a multitude of scenarios. The HLB and HLG models have an expansive range of selections across doors, wall panels, floors, ceilings, and control panels. Each selection can be completed with the latest colourways and finishes.

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