About Us

Eltec is the manufacturer of all-electric elevators which are designed and crafted in Italy. Eltec is a multigenerational business with quality and innovation at its heart.

Eltec is passionate about supplying Australians with the most beautiful and functional all-electric elevators. As innovators in this space for several generations, we have developed some of the very best electric lifts. Our superior, more environmental elevators are renowned for their reliability and modern design aesthetic.

Join us as we continue to redefine the elevator industry within Australia.



Innovation is at the heart of who we are. The entire Eltec philosophy revolves around continuous improvement and solving issues for our customers.



The current residential lift industry is saturated with gaudy designs from a bygone era. Eltec brings a modern design aesthetic which can easily be adapted to a range of interior styles.



We’re constantly in the pursuit of excellence and are committed to produce the highest quality residential lifts. Every Eltec product is tested to meet the most demanding standards.



We’re changing the status quo and helping the industry move past outdated inefficient hydraulic lifts. The complete Eltec range is all-electric and runs on an efficient 10amp single phase power supply.